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Custom ServiceHostFactory for a XAMLX based Service

Posted by zamd on April 23, 2010

For IIS/WAS hosted services backed by a physical .SVC file (WCF 3.0/3.5) you can specify a custom ServiceHostFactory in the .svc file as part of service specification. There is no such declaration for XAMLX files and instead you can use config-based activation feature to achieve the same result.

If my WCF service is deployed as Service1.xamlx and I want to customize the WorkflowServiceHost before it’s opened and used, I can easily do this using following two steps:

  1. Create a custom ServiceHostFactory by sub classing the default one

namespace DeclarativeServiceLibrary1


    public class MyServiceHostFactory : WorkflowServiceHostFactory


        protected override WorkflowServiceHost CreateWorkflowServiceHost(Activity activity, Uri[] baseAddresses)


            return base.CreateWorkflowServiceHost(activity, baseAddresses);


        protected override WorkflowServiceHost CreateWorkflowServiceHost(WorkflowService service, Uri[] baseAddresses)


            var host =  base.CreateWorkflowServiceHost(service, baseAddresses);

            // add your customizations here…

            return host;




2.  Configure your custom ServiceHostFactory for your XAMLX file



    <serviceHostingEnvironment multipleSiteBindingsEnabled=true >


        <add relativeAddress=~/Service1.xamlx







6 Responses to “Custom ServiceHostFactory for a XAMLX based Service”

  1. scott_m said

    Great post! Nice to finally find some guidance for WF/WIF integration.

  2. scott_m said

    Your post does a good job showing where to put the WIF hooks for the XAML service. How would you go about putting the corresponding WF client side WIF hooks in?

  3. Srini Datla said

    Nice post.

  4. […] out my earlier post for additional […]

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