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CRM Online Entity Creation

Posted by zamd on April 30, 2013

Recently I started exploring the world of Dynamics and specifically Dynamics CRM. Technically the platform looks fairly simple with a reasonably clean web services API (mostly SOAP) & SAML based message security (remember legacy WS-Trust :)) using Live ID as the identity provider.

The helper code from the sdk (\sdk\samplecode\cs\helpercode) hides all the complexity but the under the hood following flow happens to interact with Dynamics Online Web Services.


Following is small console application I used to create a new lead into CRM Online.

Code Snippet
    var connection =
        CrmConnection.Parse("Url=https://psfd365.crm4.dynamics.com; User ID=zamd@psfd365.onmicrosoft.com; Password=*password*;");
    var organization = new OrganizationService(connection);

    var who = organization.Execute(new WhoAmIRequest()) as WhoAmIResponse;
    Console.WriteLine("{0}@{1}", who.UserId, who.OrganizationId);
    var user =
    organization.Retrieve("systemuser", who.UserId,
                          new ColumnSet(new[] {"firstname", "lastname"})) as SystemUser;

    Console.WriteLine("creating lead…");

    var newLead = new Lead
                           Subject = "Interested in dyanamics crm…",
                           FirstName = user.FirstName,
                           LastName = user.LastName,
                           MobilePhone = "004412123231212"

    var leadId = organization.Create(newLead);
    Console.WriteLine("New lead {0} created.",leadId);

that’s it – you can see the new lead created below.


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