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WF Security Pack Update

Posted by zamd on March 13, 2013

Quite a few folks have asked me about updating WF Security Pack to .NET 4.5 as WIF is now integrated into .NET 4.5.

Today I manage to spare sometime to upgrade the WFSP to .NET 4.5/WIF 4.5.  I have also pushed the updated source code to github which you can pull down from https://github.com/zamd/wfsp/

Please note github version of the codebase is different from codeplex, which was refactored by a WF team member. The github version of the source code came straight from laptop. I intend to create a Nuget package and potentially a Visual Studio Extension as well. Stay tuned…

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Enabling ‘Import Service Contract’ menu option

Posted by zamd on January 2, 2013

WF 4.5 introduced contact first development using which you can generate messaging activities from your existing WCF contracts. Out of box, this feature is only enabled for ‘WCF Workflow Service Application’ project type and is exposed using the ‘Import Service Contract’ context menu.

image image

This is quite useful feature and is certainly required in other project types as well. For example, a workflow hosted using WorkflowServiceHost in a windows service or a console application. You can easily enable the context menu option for other project types by including an additional GUID in the <ProjectTypeGuids> element in csproj file.


  • Unload the project in VS and open the csproj file using the xml editor.
  • Locate the <ProjectTypeGuids> element and insert this {349c5851-65df-11da-9384-00065b846f21} as the content of element along with other GUIDs.
  • Make sure to put a semicolon at the end of your newly inserted GUID.
  • Reload the project in VS and you should now see the ‘Import Service Contract’ menu option.

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